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Hi All

Got prescribed Relvar Ellipta 92/22 a few months back by the consultant after being poorly controlled on the Symbicort (SMART regime).

My Question is I have felt a big difference on the relief provided by the Relvar with less side effects than the Symbicort (GERD & Sore Mouth etc), but unfortunately the once a day hasn't worked well for me. I take my once daily shot on waking up about 8:30am and find it last throughout the day quite well, with the odd shot of ventolin if necessary. My issue is I have been waking with my asthma about 4am / 5am desperate for the next shot of relvar with my lungs feeling really tight. The duration of the drug doesn't feel to be 24 hours, more like 20 hours which is a real shame as I have felt the benefits but waking up at 4am everyday isn't an option anymore . Anyone else have the same problem with Relvar and feel it doesn't last the full day for them ? Any advice would be great.

Thanks - Ben

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  • Yes same here I changed for 2 puffs twice a day of 2x12 hour inhalers. Serevent and Alvesco. I don't know if you can get them in Britain on the NHS. So Salmeterol and Ciclesonide. I have found that treatment very effective.

  • You can also try relvar 184/22 ( double dosage )

  • Hi Polzovatel

    Thanks for your reply, out of interest do you know if the higher strength means that the drug would last longer ?

    In my mind I would have thought the inhaler being double strength means it would be twice as potent but would still last for the same duration. Does anyone know the answer to this question ?

  • I am on the higher dose of this inhaler. I am also on a lot of other medication 14 different ones in total. However I do find the higher dose seems to last 24hrs between doses. I have only really figured this out recently as when I'm am reasonably well and can effectively take the full dose it helps for the full time, when I was unwell a few weeks ago and struggled to inhale the dose effectively i found it didn't last as well (all be it I wasn't well so asthma was worse anyway). May be worth a shot at the higher dose if your consultant will allow. Not sure if you have to with the lower dose but I do have to carry a steroid card with this inhaler.

    Hope this helps in some way. X

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