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Life insurance with severe asthma

Hi all!

So I've just been turned down for life insurance (getting mortgage with someone so want to cover myself).

They initially said yes but then changed their mind after the GP report. I saw the GP report and it seemed accurate - said I had about 9 attacks requiring hospital trips in the last 12 months and around half resulted in admission. On Ventolin/Fostair Nexthaler/Spiriva/Phyllocontin but not continuous pred. Was on montelukast but cons thinks it's useless and took me off. I've had about 23 full admissions in total over 4-5 years. No HDU or ITU.

I have to pay more for travel insurance but have found one which works for me witbout paying a fortune (yay). Has anyone here found someone who will cover them for life insurance for this sort of level of asthma, or worse, without paying more than the mortgage?!

I'm at a tertiary centre but not eligible for any funky new drugs as I have the wrong sort of asthma, so I'm not likely to manage without admissions long enough to make much difference to the insurance.

Lots of.googling results in 'mostly asthma is covered but you may have to pay more if it's severe.'

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Which travel company have you found to be good for you?


GetGoing. They won't insure me for an annual policy but their per-trip rates are very good - others were quoting hundreds and they were in the 60s. Just Travel offered me a very good rate for one US trip a couple of years ago but then the next time said nope (my situation didn't change, they apparently decided their policies have). I *don't* recommend Insure&Go, having looked at the small print - even if you declare the asthma fully, they try to say they won't cover you for anything if you are seeing a consultant and have any changes made, even small ones.

Have spoken to a broker and they are looking into Legal & General for the life insurance as they are apparently known to be good for lung conditions ('they cover people with COPD who keep smoking!'). Of course the latest fun is that I'm waiting for a synacthen test, so they won't do anything till that has results.


Update: after finally getting my short synacthen test result (I couldn't apply with a pending result), Legal and General declined me for asthma without waiting for a medical report (Royal London asked for the report first then said no).

Was told they (L and G) are more lenient for lung conditions but apparently any more than 1 admission in 12 months is a no. (I had 5 or 3 if you exclude faffing in A and E/CDU overnight but not referred to medics).

If anyone has any suggestions will be glad to hear them! I used brokers to make it easier but these were meant to be the best shots.


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