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Okay this is ridiculous

Okay, so I sent a plea for help when trying to get my survey approved, but guess what?! None of the admins replied so I'm just saying this: If you have a spacer and use the ventolin puffer, message me and i can send the link to the survey since they're willing to delete posts but not even help me >:(


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I am happy to help


I have two spacers which I never use, one very large one and a pocket version.


I@m also happy to help.

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Judging by the timing of your posts it looks like you've barely given them half a day (a Saturday to boot) to answer. The admins on here are people who do this for free in & amongst managing jobs, home lives, & presumably putting their feet up at home on a weekend.

Please don't be a prima donna about it. Be polite, be patient, explain what you want & why. Accept their response with good grace & you'll get further I imagine than expecting us to rise up in faux anger because you haven't had your response within minutes.


Instead of having a rant just give people the question via the site and let people reply


Hi Minoli

I'm sorry we've disappointed you.

The policy is very clear - research requests have to be approved. I do note, however, that the pinned post ( doesn't explain why we insist on vetting research requests. There's a long list of reasons but here are a couple. We're a research driven organisation ourselves and we need to know that anything that might imply our involvement ("research carried out on the Asthma UK forum") is framed appropriately. It's all too easy for news organisations to assume that anything which mentions our name has our approval. Also, other research links can turn out to be potentially compromising for our users and so on. You could argue that we're being overly protective but any health advice organisation will tell you, better safe than sorry. Secondly, Health Unlocked themselves keep going through income generated by commercial activities. They're very open and transparent about this and it's set out very clearly on the About pages - So this means we have to be sensitive to their interests, as researchers (for example) pay them for access to users of the site. They're very careful and sensitive about the privacy and concerns of both the site's users and the charities like us who benefit from it but that sensitivity is a two way street.

Finally, the people who might assess your request and give a response work pretty long, dedicated hours during the week and tend not to answer work emails at the weekend and most of them aren't forum members. So please cut them some slack :-)




Sorry but it is you being ridiculous .

I saw Admins reply to your question myself , and they had given links to their policy about questionars - obviously you haven't bothered to look -


There is no obligation for anyone to let your research take place on here so I find your attitude quite strange.

I think we have enough going on in our lives without all this. Don't forget you are talking to asthma sufferers some of who are severe who have much greater problems than yours.


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