About us

We're inspiring millions of people to connect with others with similar health backgrounds to share their experiences.

Business Model

HealthUnlocked is the world’s largest social network for health. We have over 650,000 members and more than 4.5 million users coming to the platform each month.

We improve health outcomes and patient activation through use of our 700 online health and wellbeing communities, across more than 200 conditions. These provide dedicated help, support and information for patients. Use of the site is completely free for charities, non profits, members and visitors.

Our artificial intelligence (AI) and technology provides relevant and targeted solutions and services to industry, pharmaceuticals and healthcare organisations. You can see more about how we use AI in this short video.

The HealthUnlocked User Survey 2018 provides insight and information on our audience and the services we provide.

Our Services

Community Builder

HealthUnlocked powers healthcare organisations to ‘go social’ by creating communities on our platform, which grow rapidly thanks to our broad visibility on the web. Our communities are designed to empower, engage and inform - 75% of people joining HealthUnlocked report an improvement in confidence managing their health and 69% report that they haves visited their doctor less. We can build standard or bespoke communities based on partner needs, migrate existing forum data into our platform and embed HealthUnlocked widgets into existing websites. Learn more

Insight Generator

HealthUnlocked offers customers unparalleled access to a global audience of diverse, highly engaged patients. 70% of people using our platform say they want to take part in research and our highly targeted approach to recruitment results in higher and faster response rates than through conventional channels. We run both qualitative and quantitative research end-to-end directly through our platform. Learn more

Clinical Research Solutions

HealthUnlocked works with Pharmaceutical companies, Clinical Research Organisations and with academic institutions to recruit patients for clinical research. Our highly targeted approach, which incorporates both digital and telephone screening, has been shown to significantly reduce lead times while also enhancing the efficiency and economy of the recruitment process. This allows our customers to focus their attention on higher value activities. Learn more

Point of care solutions

HealthUnlocked’s platform is used in more than 75 Hospitals in the UK and has delivered over 15,000 electronic holistic needs assessments (eHNAs) at point of care to date. Individual care plans are automatically designed based on information collected and then integrated directly into the patient record to ensure optimum care is provided to patients. Our NIA innovation award will ensure eHNA technology is disseminated throughout the NHS in a variety of disease areas. Learn more

Patient Services

HealthUnlocked’s Health Graph technology enables us to develop a deep understanding of the needs of those who join and visit our platform. We use this understanding to offer relevant and valuable services and products from carefully selected partners to our audience at the right time in their health journey. Learn more

Health Coverage

Use our Coverage Checker to search our network’s coverage of over 200 disease conditions and health interests in real time.


Jessica Walsh

Director at H+K Strategies London

"For insights, research or enrolment, HealthUnlocked provides a unique doorway into real world patient experience. We find the ability to quickly and transparently engage with a live, online audience that includes patients and carers and obtain meaningful qualitative insight and quantitative results invaluable"

Jon Gwillim

Director at CreateHealth

"We love engaging the HealthUnlocked audience as leads for our panels and research work. The speed and quality of responses we get is markedly better than other channels. When there's a matching population in HealthUnlocked we always know we're covered"

70% of members on the world's largest social network for health want to work with you!

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