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Crohns,Prone to seizures,and ashma


Hi. I have the dubious honour of these 3 conditions, I haven't had a seizure for 10 yrs,but am on meds for life. My chrones is out of control at moment,and I just found out I have asthma,and need both inhalers. Are they difficult to use without a spacer,and does anyone know of a correlation between these 3 conditions,or is it sheer bad luck? and brother.have ashma,any chance my 2 year old.son,may get ashma? I also have dyspraxia and adhd,but managable without meds

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Hi Modave07

Sorry to hear you've recently been diagnosed with asthma. There's some information how to manage your asthma here:

Spacers can help as it’s easier to get the right amount of medicine straight to your lungs where it’s needed. I'd suggest giving our specialist asthma nurse team a call as they can talk through your asthma management and answer any questions you might have and dealing with other conditions. Please call our Helpline nurses on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) to discuss this further.

Take care,


Modave07 in reply to Hidden

Thank you very much,that really is useful for me to know. I will give them Best wishes

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