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Alvesco inhaler

Hi All,

I got a new inhaler on Tue Alvesco 160 to use 2 puffs once a day, I was feeling reasonably well when I started on it, but I'd just finished a long course of prednisone. Unfortunately yesterday my breathing deteriorated - the pollen levels were very high, my trigger - I managed to control it with 8-10 puff of the blue spray & the same thing happened again later in the evening. At this point I would normally start on a course of prednisone but with taking the Alvesco I'm not sure that's the right thing to do. My pf is down this morning, but I'm not struggling, nor am I full of energy I just feel drained.

Has anyone else experienced similar? I'll give the helpline a call later & probably book in to see my gp, but any advice would be welcome.



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If your written or agreed Asthma plan says you should take Prednisolone. Then you should, Alvesco is great, but it doesn't replace oral steroids when you need them. However if you are in any doubt phone the doctor.

Good luck



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