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Being diagnosed at moment with asthma


After having my pacemaker fitted in April I thought my life would improve but I feel bad as ever for the last two years I've had chest infections shortness of breath palpitations, nighttime cough postnasal drip. Some of this has gone with the pacemaker fitting. I'm now going through the process of seeing if I have asthma. It's all getting a bit depressing I just want to breathe again properly 😪 lve been reading posts about going to a&e I'm just wondering a what stage should you be at before going I was close to waking my husband up at 3am but didn't. It's typically Sunday today and I can't phone my surgery. My cough has got worse over the last three nights and I feel I'm wheezing more I've been awake again most of the night. My doctor has suggested not to use my brown inhaler until I see her again in ten days just use the blue one. This is all new to me talking about asthma it's been interesting reading other posts and feeling I have a lot of symptoms in common with you all Jen x

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The only advice I could gives phone 111( I think that's the number ) and let them decide good luck

Correct management is the key with asthma .

Unless there is a good reason NOT to use the brown inhaler I would certainly use it twice a day until you get to see your doctor .

Have you been told how to use your inhalers correctly ? This is important as otherwise they are not going to be effective .

You should try and get an appointment with the Asthma Nurse as this is their area of expertise .

Weejenny in reply to Griffon

Thanks Griffon for your reply. I've steadily got worse this last three days I've got myself an appointment for this afternoon. My peak flow reading has gone from 310 last Monday to 200 this morning. I have unfortunately been given a trainee doctor at the surgery that I now feel is using me as a bit of a guinea pig. If I'm not happy today I'm definitely going to see someone else in the practice. Not knowing anything about asthma I don't know why I've not to use the brown inhaler. All I know is after three nights of no sleep and constantly coughing I'm not going through another night of it. I propped myself up with pillows last night it helped a bit. I'll post how I got on. Jen x

Griffon in reply to Weejenny

You have only to read some of the posts on here to know that people do waste the Doctors time , and it is why they are inclined to dismiss asthma claims .

The brown inhaler is the preventer and needs to be used regularly to work . I have no idea why they would tell you to stop using it . Unless there is a good reason not to you must use it !

Weejenny in reply to Griffon

Hi Griffon, I got on well at the doctors today she said the reason she stopped the brown inhaler was to see if I really needed it. I gave her a week of peak flow readings which helped her absolutely decide that I do have asthma. I have an acute chest infection too so I've been given antibiotics and oral steroids to take for a week then I get another check over, after that I will be given an appointment with the practice asthma nurse. I'm so pleased to have my diagnosis. Jen


Hi Weejenny

Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you've been feeling unwell. Just to iterate the thread, please read the post here about what to do if you need medical advice:

Our Helpline is open on 0300 222 5800 (9am-5pm Mon to Fri) and you can speak to one of our asthma nurse specialists about diagnosis and what to expect. We do suggest that you take medicines as prescribed so please do go back to your GP or asthma nurse to discuss your medications.

Take care,


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