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First time posting, just fed up

Hi I am generally after some advice, sorry for the rant

Currently I am on fostair 200 2 puffs twice a day and qvar 50mg 1-2 puffs twice a day ( when I feel things are getting worse, I add it in)

My peak flow was at 450 and Last year had 4 lots of steroids over the year and at the moment it about 350.

I feel like I have to sometimes blow the air out of my lungs as it's so much effort to breath it and it's more relieving blowing it out

And feel short of breath, over the past 12 months I've started hiccuping daily, and recently it's got to the point it's painful, my gp suspects I might be swallowing air, I feel this would make sense but I often feel through the day I have to take in these big gulps of air just for relief as feel short of breath but my gp is not sure of any solution, because if there is no where for the air to go I am just going to swallow it?

I feel genuinely awful as it's like to much effort to breath a lot of the time.

I think my peak flow is quite good but to blow out once or three times but I don't walk around breathing out like you do in a peak flow

I feel like I have stuff to cough out but like I've not got the capacity to cough,

My consultant has requested blood test to check my wbc and if it's high enough trying my on menzonlup infection, (spelling) but I've had this done in the past for other things and it's not at the level he deems. And a mucus test

Otherwise in the future there options for subcatious cannula (spelling) or bronchial thermoblast (which I don't like the sound of, as sounds very drastic)

Have had ct scan and broncospy last year but after a month of steroids and came back clear

Just really fed up of feeling like i have make an effort to breath and am wheezing or hiccuping, any advice duly welcome on where to go? Thank you

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Sorry to hear that, it sounds reasonably severe.

What are your allergy triggers?

Have you tried montelukast (Singulair)?

I don't know which Qvar you are on exactly but in US they come in Qvar 40/80/160 mcg. 40 or 50 sounds like a low dose?

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Thank you,

over the years I given montatelukast ago and unfortunately doesn't do anything for me and even my consultant said it doesn't work for everyone.

Am mildly allergic to dust and that it, I think that's what makes it so much harder to treat as there can be anything that sets it of and have got specific allergic triggers.

Yeah currently (in the U.K.) am on qvar 50mg as a top up to the fostair

But thank you


Sorry I cannot help in anyway medically.. you have certainly been through the mill and with that lot to cope with no wonder you feel fed up sending lots of gentle hugs and just be very kind to yourself 😘


I'm sorry you are having such a rotten time. It is quite true that in asthma, breathing out is harder than breathing in - but you have to get the breath out to make room for the air to come in! Make sure you breathe in through your nose and do your best to feel in control of your breathing when you can.

You could do breathing exercises - there are some on YouTube and the asthma nurse on Asthma UK can help you with this, or take up singing. Belting out a tune can help. You might not want to join a choir, but just singing in the shower is good. Relaxation exercises - a spoken word CD or listening to quiet music can also help just because having a battle with your lungs is distressing in itself.

I know all this is easier said than done, but you could give it a try while you're waiting for the medication to be sorted out. Good luck!

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Hi Lotti_321-

Sorry to hear you're fed up. It sounds like you've been having a frustrating time. As suggested, do call the Asthma UK helpline and speak to one of our specialist asthma nurses or drop them a line. bit.ly/asthmacall

Please feel free to give us a ring on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

Take care,


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