Hi Everybody

Hi Everybody

Hope this post finds you well! 😊

Allergies are a headache but I try to pop in the meds and to enjoy the weather.. in the shade. Steroids don't like the sun nor does doxycyclin.😉

We are going through a heatwave here I don't know about you. Nights get harder, inhalers on my bedside table and nebuliser out.

I thought about all of you with that bad spell of attacks. Hope Gino is ok in Manchester??

We had the concert on tv. Tell you the truth I didn't know who Ariana Grande was! But it was moving.

A photo to cheer you up!

Love xx


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  • What a lovely photo, thank you.

  • Thank you Asthma-girl 🌸

  • Love the photo! Beautiful. :-)

  • Thank you Emmasue 🌺

  • We've got rain & wind here in Manchester doesn't appear to be helping the pollen levels!!!! Great pic

  • So sorry the heatwave here is a killer!

  • Beautiful picture x

  • Wow what a lovely view :)

  • Thank you Hannah 🌷

  • Love the picture.

  • Thank you WheezyAnne 🦋

  • Lovely view! Thanks. All about the same here. Asthma doing quite well in general since I started using air purifier, as long as I keep taking the meds! Very fortunately don't react to all pollen so enjoying the better weather. Having said that, I pruned a conifer yesterday and have been suffering since. I'm wheezing n coughing as I write. I need a gardener! We're trying to move house to 'escape' our big garden but not having much luck. Meanwhile doing more gardening to try to keep it trim for possible buyers. Just thankful in some ways that I'm no longer working so can at least avoid triggers a bit. Our nearest lovely pub has got to know me because I always ask to book a table at far end of conservatory to be as far as poss from their beautiful vase of lilies (one of my certain triggers). One kind manager put the whole large vase upstairs while I was there. Trouble is the whole staff then watched me intently for symptoms. I felt such a freak! But no breathing probs...usual trouble is the problems go on so long after contact has triggered a reaction. Hey ho!

    Thanks for your thoughts about the terrible Manchester bomb. Very fortunately my family living there not involved. Whole city atmosphere changed palpably to one of sympathy and togetherness. I was at the Old Trafford football just up road and before the concert. Huge support for the minute's silence and Don't look back in Anger recording. It was good to feel we'd taken part in some acknowledgement of the awful tragedy. My 12 yr old granddaughter had been hoping to travel to the first Ariana concert but couldn't persuade Mum thankfully. It's a nightmare thinking about the possibilities fortunately missed. Such a cruel and selfish act.

    Good luck with your treatment and keep on enjoying those beautiful views.

    Penny x

  • Hi Penny

    Sorry I couldn't answer before.Thank you for your commentary. Glad your grand-daughter is safe.

    My daughter came back from Barcelona with salmonella they thought it was Crohn's it has been a nightmare. Of course stress affected my asthma and I have ended up with 14 days antibiotics and 10 days steroids.

    Take good care Penny xx

  • Oh dear, do hope things settle down for you, and your daughter, very soon. Difficult times! My breathing as good as it gets at mo (fingers crossed) but struggling with these purple marks on my arms and legs. Bone scan showed osteopenia so on calcium/vit D. Wondering now breathing stabilised a while whether to try a change from Seretide 250 to see if reduced the purple blotches! Take care of yourself. Penny x

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