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Update - Tapering off Prednisone

Hi all,

Thanks risabel59 & emmasue for your earlier replies, I rang the asthma helpline - again they really are invaluable - their advice was to contact my GP if possible as it sounded to them like I needed to up the steroids again, but they didn't feel they could advise it without full medical consent. Thankfully I am very very lucky with the practice I am with & my GP is wonderful, he didn't really want to increase the steroids again but nor does he want me to to end up in hospital either!!!!! So the plan now is to take 30mg for 7 days & taper off again by 10mg every other day after that, hoping this time I'll be better & that the appointment will have come through to see a consultant at the difficult asthma unit.

You guys are great on here, I hope you all keep as well as possible,

Tre xx

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Hi Tre

I was thinking I was in a bad way, now reading your post, not perhaps so serious as you.

I was on Seretide for the last 20 years, and having a once a year bout ending in antibiotics and prednisone, and eventually specialist put me on Montelukist, Ceterizine and Ipratromium nasal spray, in addition to the Seretide and all was good for the last couple of years.

Begining of this year, the asthma nurse insisted I switch from Seretide to FostairNext and from Ipratromium to Beclomethasone nasal spray. I very soon developed a tickly irritation in the throat, and constant need to cough, becoming increasingly worse. and after a couple of months I stopped the nasal spray, and the coughing stopped. My allergic rhinitis got out of control without a nasal spray and the cough came back worse than ever. I ended up at nurse, with a sinus infection diagnosed. I told her I think this Beclomethasone nasal spray does not agree with me and is causing the cough. She changed me to Dymista nasal spray and said stop the Ceterezine. After a week of antibiotic, coughing so bad, and inability to stop coughing, and when even the blue inhaler gave no relief, I read up on FostairNext to find it has the same Beclomethasone ingredient. Saw doctor on Monday, and now another antibiotic, changed to Flutiform and a course of Prednisone.

Started the Prednisone yesterday morning, and last night, took till 4 am before I managed to fall asleep. Coughing much less, but still wheezing with the slightest exertion.

Seem okay so far on Flutiform, which has fluticasone, ingredient being the same as the Seretide, but Seretide also contains salmeterol. but

Feeling anxious that I will have further reaction after a while, to the Flutiform. Hope I get some sleep tonight.


Hi Tre

Thanks for your kind words about the helpline. I'll pass on the message, thanks for taking the time to post.

Take care,



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