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So I've been taking duoresp for a week now, 4 puffs twice a day. I have only needed to take my ventolin twice in a week,which for me is incredible, no bad side effects yet, my chest did hurt on the third day but it passed. Mornings are the worst time for me, I would normally be coughing and very tight chested and need 6 puffs on the ventolin and a cup of tea before being able to function but not this week. It is actually freaking me out a bit because I didn't expect any improvement for good few weeks, I'm thinking maybe it was the seretide making me bad?? One thing I have noticed is it works best if I take it 12 hours apart, 6am and 6pm. I know I'm late taking it because my chest will get tight.

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  • I am so pleased that your health has improved for you.

  • Great news. Means it is working well as a preventer to stop your symptoms getting worse. It will also help you reduce your need for Ventolin, which is good, because too much Be Tomlin can affect your heart.

  • Hi

    Keep in mind that that one of the constituent Meds in the Duoresp is a Long Acting Beta Agonist. As you probably know, Ventolin is a Short Acting Beta Agonist - so effectively you're now taking a longer lasting Beta Agonist rather than ditching Beta Agonists altogether.

  • I swappedfrom seretide to duoresp and also had a vast improvement hardly used ventolin now take care xx

  • Nice to hear, all reviews I had read on it were negative, fingers crossed it continues to work for us x

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