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trying duoresp

Hi, I'm new on here, found the feed about duoresp and am slightly worried. I have had asthma since I was 2, 37 now and it has never been well controlled especially in the last few years, have been on seretide 2 puffs twice a day forever and still needing to take my ventolin a couple of times a day. Was put on Montelukast last year,it done wonders for my asthma but suffered low mood with it so stopped that. Saw my asthma nurse today who suggested trying Duoresp 4 puffs twice a day for 2 months to get it under control then reducing to what I will need. She showed me a chart of what to medicate at varying levels of symptoms. She wants to get me to the point where I wont need my ventolin, which would be nice. After reading peoples reviews on it, it does scare me a bit but my nurse did say it might take up to 6 weeks to take affect so keep your ventolin handy and that I can call in to see her any time. Think I am lucky as I feel she really is there for me. Have read the side effects and it does say to expect tremors, thrush which is with any inhaler, hoarseness which being a singer wouldn't be good for me. I am willing to give it a try anyway, fed up of being breathless, have four kids to run round after. Will keep you posted. Emma.

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I don't know about duoresp. I'm on Symbicort, the smart regime which is probably a similar thing. I'm in the same boat as you though. I've had asthma since I was 2. I'm 40 now and I have two kids to run after. But the past 6 years have seen me suffer some of the worst chest infections and asthma difficulties of my life including 2 hospitalisations. The doctors have tried lots of different treatments, but I still can't seem to shake it. It's no fun, especially when you do have kids to look after. They think I am sick all the time which I feel terribly guilty for. Anyway, I am trying to recover from another chest infection. I am back to my regular GP on Tuesday (It is so hard to get in to see him!) so hopefully we will figure out what we can do.

Good luck to you and hope the duoresp works!

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did you get to see your GP?


Yes. He's put me on Aminophylline so I will see how it goes. Thanks. x


Hello, I am on Symbicort too which is similar to DuoResp and it has completely changed my situation. I used to get frequent attacks, be really poorly for weeks but now that doesn't happen. Yes it did take a few weeks to "kick in" and for some reason the first 10 days I had banging headaches but once that all settled it was great. I do flex the dosage up a bit when I get a cold etc and it seems to work well. I have a Ventolin inhaler too but they go out of date before the are used up so I am rarely using it....last time was when I was having building word done and the plasterers were knocking old plaster off a wall. Do try and give it a go...but it does take a little while to build up in your system. I hope you start to feel better soon, Rx


Hi Emma, welcome here i also use Symbicort which my pharmacist told has the same formula as Duoresp. Its quite helpful in managing my chest situation. I hope things will be better for us all.


Hi Emma. I moved off seretide as I had been taking cortisone inhalers since I was about 5 and I'm now 37. I had my bone mineral density checked on a Dexa scan and it was almost at the point of being osteoperodic which I put down to the costisone consumption for many years. I have since moved onto serevent which contains the active ingredient of Seretide without the cortisone. I did a cold turkey change over which I wouldn't recommend. I'd taper off seretide and move gradually move onto Serevent. I felt way better since changing over however I've needed my ventolin more frequently. My energy levels were terrible on seretide and I felt constantly inflamed.


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