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Air pollution lawsuit

Hi All

If you haven't heard of ClientEarth,

I would strongly recommend reading about them and joining them, i believe they have a facebook page. These guy are the ones repeatedly suing the government over illegal air quality and have forced the publication of the governments plan (which you can guarantee will be woeful).

Also this is an interesting article in the Guardian and mentions the link between nitrogen dioxide and Asthma.



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You're right about the woeful air quality plan. There's nothing of any substance in it. Just passes the buck to local councils. Bad news for all respiratory illness suffers, especially city dwellers of which (thankfully) I'm not one. Poor Air Quality will increase the number of patients seeking medical assistance for respiratory diseases and - consequently - the wait time to see a Consultant for best treatment advice. It will also impact the drugs budget as more people will need respiratory medicine. Need to support all clean air lobbyists and vote for politicians who commit to doing the most to reduce air pollution.


I was so excited when we looked at this in our lecture! Their plan is pitiful. x


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