Well that's me I'm on nebuliser now before bed and having all my painkillers two tramadol, two paracetamol and oral morphine I should sleep well tonight I ache all over and the fibromyalgia not helping is has all flared up so I'm going to lie down and try and get some sleep so good night everyone and thank u again for ur support and kind words sleep well

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  • U to

  • Good night trace1972 hopefully you get some sleep x

  • Yea hope night

  • If I don't sleep on all those drugs I want to know y saying that I normally have tramadol and oral morphine at night but hey have stopped the 10 pm hydrocortisone and lowered the time to 6 so that might help but I doubt it as I take my steroids in the morning and still doing my sleep but we will c good night sleep tight

  • Good night Tracey. Sleep well.

  • Hope you got some sleep and that things go better for you today xxx

  • I hope all that worked.

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