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Fed up now

So I'm now on week 7 of steroids unable to wean. My peak flows are still unstable and my chest in constantly tight. I still can't walk up the stairs and I'm trying to preserve and do normal things with my little girl but then end up in s mess by the end of the week. Sorry for the rant but does anyone have any pointers on how i can help myself. I'm on fostair 200/6 4 puffs twice a day, I'm taking salbutamol 4 hourly, on loratidine, montelukast and currently on clarithronycin for potential infection. My ige blood levels were supposedly through the roof when i was tested during my last hospital admission. Any hints and tips would be amazing as I really don't want another hospital admission x

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Hello there,

Sorry to hear that you are taking so much medicine and you are still not getting the results you need. I have had asthma for many, many years. I take asthma meds for maintenance and I have an emergency inhaler. Sometimes though, when I use my inhaler, it doesn't completely give me the relief I need. A friend told me years ago that coffee helps with asthma issues, so I tried it . I noticed that coffee worked well for me. I drink a cup everyday. I still take asthma meds but when they don't seem to be working well or fast enough, I drink another cup of coffee.


There is something in coffee that works like theophylline and opens the tubes. I swear my morning coffee along with meds works. Lucy-j-16 I was put on steroids in 1991 to get back to work. I am still on them 26 years later along with phyllocontin, ranitidine, co-dydramol, tramadol, Adcal D3, Alendronic Acid, Montelukas, Atorvastatin, Losartan, Amitryptinline, Carbocisteine, Salbutamol, Flixotide (saw consultant yesterday who stopped Fostair & Clenil), new inhaler I am picking up today begins with U, Atrovent (stopped from today to see how new one goes), Lantus & Novorapid. Yes steroids have given me other problems but the main point is I am still alive, Try the coffee and listen to your body and pace yourself, another thing to try is inhaling menthol crystals, you may not feel you have any congestion but they do open your tubes. Good luck


If I could even stand the smell of coffee I'd drink it but it makes me heave. I'll have a go at the menthol crystals, I'll give pretty much everything a go. X



I read your message as you write you are taking so many medicine and your asthma still not under control.

As my opinion following is reason which is not controlling your asthma.

you are living in polluted area

In your surrounding smile ( e.g. Paint / Perfume / sewerage water ) which you are inhaling regularly.

May be you are living in Dusty area

Food which you are taking is getting asthma

Some time Bed where you are sleeping it is not a comfortable as asthma people required

Due to Overworking or Hardworking

If you have any regular some tension

Please check in your life if any of above reason which is not controlling your asthma even taking so many medicine.

Best Regards


Have you been considered for xolair injections .... if your ig levels are high there is a good chance it will help you !!

I'm pretty much the same, been on 25mg pred daily for 2yrs now and struggle to taper.....


No I think the next step is theothyllphine if I I spelt that right. I'm seeing the asthma nurse on the 18th of this month and the consultant on the 5th may so maybe worth speaking to them about it. What are they?


Hi..... I also take theophylline at max dose 400mg every 12hrs .... does help slightly... do you take a antihistamine ? I take loratadine 15mg daily .... cheap and does help at this time of year !!! (Lots of tree pollen)


Hi, I'm on loratidine and montelukast. Yes I'm very allergic to tree pollen and grass pollen. I was on an aminophylline infusion when I was last in hospital and they didn't know whether I'd need orally as well so we shall see when I'm in clinic


Montelucast didn't work for me, I tried for 6 months ..... I'm surprised there hasn't been a mention of xolair if your ig levels are high ????

I know it's becoming increasing difficult to get the xolair treatment as it's expensive !!

Might be worth mentioning to consultant or GP

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I hope you are asking family and friends for as much help as they can give. This is not the time to continue bravely. You have to accept that you are ill and you will need rest and calm to recover; if you cannot rest, you will have no choice but to go back into hospital. As I know nothing about your circumstances, I can't advise you to do anything else, but I do know that giving in to being ill is sometimes the best thing you can do, and struggling to do everything is the worst.

Be good to yourself.

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Thank you. My family are trying to do everything they can but with everyone at work it's hard sometimes in the day. Luckily she goes to nursery Wednesday to Friday so I have rest those days. Yeah I'm trying to prevent another hospital admission i just find it hard to switch off when I can see things need doing


Get a cleaner!


So sorry to hear Lucy you are very ill at the moment just be patient you will get better they won't give up


Hello Lucy, I am sorry to hear about your Asthma trouble and all the medications you are taking , so difficult when you are struggling.

I have suffered with Asthma for many years now and I am well since I have been on the Brown inhaler ( Twice a day ) which helps open the airway.

I always carry the blue inhaler with me wherever I go just in case.

I use a mask todo the hoovering, and any dusty areas.

I am prone to getting chest infections and last year 2016 I had to take a course of steroids because I was wheezing and couldn't get rid of it, I got ill on holiday. Seven day course of 8 tablets a day. I had a Lower respiratory infection.

Lucy, have you tried a nebuliser? I don't use them but thought it may help you.

I am new to this forum as from today.


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