Boarderline mucas results ????

Hi guys

Any help on this would be totally appreciated...even with the last two yrs iv been suffering every bug it seems out there..asthma check is all ok and oxygen levels normal for me..but when I get my viral /chest infection I get loads of mucas bronicle coughing and breathless...on the 3rd wk of this and second lot of antibiotics I was still left with really dark green Flem.

(Boarderline in Dr s as been in the past just over normal and flagged when checking results 😩..always without further action)

I asked for a lung function test but was told I have to be 3 months clear of infection of the airways..which I haven't had in over two yrs plus ..any ideas or help ..

Thanks for reading this post.

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  • Hi Thyroidfighter. I have just had a CT lung scan done this evening, as one of the nurses at the respiratory clinic thought I may have a chronic lung condition-as well as asthma - called bronchiectasis. Perhaps it may be worth asking your GP about? It causes a chronic, productive cough that is still present between asthma flares and are more susceptible to chest infections than is normally the case with asthma alone. My nurse was very helpful- I trust you get things sorted soon. All the best, Flossie ☺

  • Hi flosslew. I had a CT scan a few weeks ago and mild bronchiectasis was diagnosed (as well as the asthma I knew I have). My GP spoke to a respiratory consultant and sent her my scan. The consultant recommended that I be tested for TB but this has luckily come back negative.

    I am waiting for an appointment with the consultant but have been unable to get one yet. The mucus is very embarrassing as it often happens when I laugh and chat with friends.

    Like many other people in a recent post I know I am allergic to smoke, some perfumes, cold air etc.

  • Hi SheilaC. Apologies for the late reply but I'm on nights at present and my head's all over the place!! How long did it take for your scan results to come back? I forgot to ask! Like you I find coughing up phlegm embarrassing and it happens to me when I'm laughing etc, or simply pootling round the supermarket. I hope we both get sorted!! Flossie :-)

  • 2 days Flossie. The notice in the hospital said the results would take 2 weeks so I was a bit alarmed when I received a phone call from the GP surgery saying I was to make a telephone appointment to discuss my results. I did this and had a phone call with a doctor I had never met and who didn't know what to do about the results! Apparently if anything wrong is found, they let the GP know the results quickly. I eventually managed to get an appointment with a GP who knows me and knows about respiratory problems.

  • I hope you get soon get an appointment with the consultant. All the best :-)

  • Wondering whether you would benefit from an antimuscarinic, which might reduce your mucous, unless they are contra-indicated for an infection (assuming that's what it is). You would need a prescription unless you want to try antihistamines, which have the same effect.

  • Asthmatics can get frequent (or even chronic) Mucus without an underlying infection, which can give the false impression of a bug. Bronchial Asthma is a mix of Asthma and Bronchitis which can include frequent or chronic Mucus. If Sputum samples show no Bactetia and you don't get a Temperature with your mucus, that 'might' indicate that you're getting the mucus without any underlying infection. None infected Mucus experienced by Asthmatics is often colourless but it can be coloured too. Keep in mind that if you do have an infection and it's viral not bacteria, antibiotics generally won't help and that most chest infections do seem to be viral. Unfortunately Standard Sputum tests only detect Bactetia not viruses or fungal infections - although there are, I believe, other Tests your GP can do if a Blood Test suggests you're infected but your Sputum tests are clear. Green Phlegm is often the result of an enzyme in neutrophils present in the Sputum and can be present even if no infection applies. Make sure your GP carries out extended testing of blood and Mucus but be aware that some forms of Asthma come with a buddy called Mucus.

  • Thanks Matman for your very helpful explanation :-) I would've been in touch sooner but I'm on nights at present and feel rather like a zombie!

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