Salamol CFC inhaler?

Hi! My name is Nikolay and this is my first post. I have suffered asthma pretty badly since birth, especially more into my adult life. And in the last couple of months I have had problems with Salamol CFC inhaler, which has made me have to use my inhaler excessively. My peak flow is low 175 the best; Oxygen levels very 85 to 90.

Ventolin as more effect so I will request it from my GP. Living in London effects conceded, my records show a three year increase in my asthma and a decrease in my lungs.

My I ask if anyone has problems with Salamol CFC inhaler?

Keep well and safe

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  • Don't know about Salamol but if your blood oxygen levels are below 90 you should get immediate medical attention. (I'm assuming you are getting the Reading from a Finger Pulse Oximeter). If you don't want to visit casualty, then consind ringing 111 and telling them what your readings are. Also, your quoted Peak Flow seems extremely low. Get some help and don't delay. I'm no Doctor, but a high daily dose of a Long Acting Beta Agonist might be helpful (or does Salamol Inhaler include a LABA)?

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