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Hi, I got adult asthma a year ago, it hasn't been that well controlled since, I've used prednisone afew times with infections ( to which I get many) for short doses ( 5 days).

My concern is, if things don't improve that I will need to take steroids daily ( doctor already mentioning it). i know the complications of taking them, and not taking them but my concern at the moment is whether you really do pile on the weight?

It's not just vanity ( although of course is a part) but I'm already overweight ( not obese) and have terrible reflux, gallstone, fatty liver and so I'm working on loosing the weight to help this,

If I take the steroids, it feels like I'm going to end up in a vicious circle

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Have you looked at the Asthma guidelines to make sure you're on the maximum therapy? Eg. preventer, long term reliever,, montelucast and tiotropium etc. Daily prednisolone is mainly commenced by a chest consultant after a referral. Yes it can make you out weight on.

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Hi Caroline

I too got adult onset asthma when I was 38 years old. I'm lucky in that I haven't actually taken prednisone although I do take daily corticosteroids to control my asthma. I was prescribed it once but didn't actually take it because I felt that my symptoms had improved enough not to take it.

Anyway, will it make you put on weight? - it probably will. I've been on corticosteroids for many years and I have gained weight and I swear it is because of them even though I do not eat a lot, and I am active and I know actual steroids are notorious for weight gain.

Asthma is a serious life threatening disease and you have to take your meds so my advice is to do what you are told and take them :-) Rather be overweight and having a better quality of life than being skinny and putting yourself at risk of a fatal attack! I'm sure your doctor will keep an eye on things and once your asthma is well controlled he will reduce your steroids or get you on to corticosteroids.

Don' beat yourself up about the weight gain thing - I can't exercise because it brings on my asthma but I get out for a walk and keep active doing gardening, cleaning, taking my grandchildren to the park (need some energy for that!) etc, etc,

I do hope you feel better soon!



Hi Caroline-1 , I have had asthma since I was 4 years old, I'm now 47 just this month , yes you can put weight on with prednisone but if you are only taking them in short term you should be okay, it only in recent years that I have piled on the weight but I take a lot of other medications that also state weight gain as a side effect, I have been on a maintenance dose off 15mg of prednisone for years with increased higher dose if I have a infection which tends to be quite often as well as other corticosteroids but without them I would not be here so rather a bit cubby and alive lol, I'm sure that your consultant won't put you on them regularly unless all other things have been tried as they don't like to use them regularly unless absolutely necessary, my consultant is trying to help me reduce mine but really I already have most off the other symptoms of long term use, thinning of skin, moon face, buffalo hump, finger clubbing to name a few,

I do hope that you don't need to take them daily , if you do just try and eat healthy as they do increase my appetite and I used to crave all the wrong foods ,I'm currently trying to loss some weight following the slimming world eating plan,

Good luck

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