Has anyone else started with hayfever symptoms? I have been feeling as if i had a bit of a cold for the last week or so: a stuffy nose; funny swollen, slightly sore/itchy feeling in my throat; bit wheezy and having to take my inhaler at least once every day. This morning I suddenly thought it could be hayfever, took a Clarityn and have not needed my inhaler all day. Has anyone else started to suffer symptoms yet or is it just coincidence?

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  • Yes I have, will have to go to the doctors and get some tablets xxx

  • Oh no - I've never known it start so early. I was only able to stop taking my hay fever tablets and spray in November. Had hoped for a longer break! Hope yours is not too bad.

  • Yes I started taking antihistamines last week.

  • I have been suffering with my hay fever since February.

  • I live in northern England and suffer from tree pollen. I bought anti-histamine yesterday as I have been sneezing like mad. Overnight it has turned into a cold!

    I was surprised to suffer from asthma attacks when I was in Goa a couple of weeks ago as I am usually fine there apart from the odd attack caused by diesel boats. We were in a lovely hotel with beautiful flowering trees all around the pool - you have guessed the rest haven't you?

  • Sounds beautiful - damn hay fever!! Hope it didn't spoil your holiday.

  • Thanks Choristermum. No it didn't spoil my holiday. I was just a bit surprised and unsure what the problem was to start with. We have been to Goa a number of times and the warm air is wonderful. It was when I was sitting quietly reading and suddenly had breathing problems that I discovered what it was. I looked round expecting to see someone with a cigarette and there was the gardener attacking a big flowering bush behind me.

  • Yes I notice that my hay fever has started to act up last month. I take an antihistamine everyday. My Symptoms are only a achy eye (diagnosised by a GP).

  • I've had the same thing. I need to get back to the docs for my antihistamine prescription . It feels early and like it's going to be a long hay fever season. Good luck

  • I always start this early, it's the tree pollen that sets it off, I always make sure I'm ready with my meds. It's only in the last month that I got my asthma under control, don't want it going haywire on me again.

  • Yes I went to doctor yesterday as really struggled with breathing and they have changed antihistimes. I havent stopped taking them at all as was hoping that might stop it but I can feel the blocked nose starting up AGAIN!

  • This is very interesting. I have suffered with hayfever for 50 years and 6 years ago started to get incessant winter "colds" and sore eyes. It was only after pestering my GPs for 5 years (you don't get paid much serious attention from a GP if you have a cold!) that I was diagnosed with fixed small airways obstruction and late onset asthma (apparently, I'm allergic to cats, though I've never had one, as well as grass pollen). So I've decided to use Beconase nasal spray now rather than just in summer and, lo and behold, the "colds" seem better. This might just be a coincidence (and I'm also trying an inhaler at the same time), but it could be that I've had an allergic reaction to something even in winter, or just some random autoimmunity. Has anyone else experienced something like this?

  • Yes I have. But I usually do start at this time of year. Tests were inconclusive as to what I am allergic to but I had to find another home for my cat.

  • I took my dog for a nice long walk yesterday in the park and woods and my eyes have been dry and sore all day. I believe it is the start of hayfever as I am allergic to tree and grass pollen according to a recent blood test at the chest clinic. I do not usually start with symptoms until at least April.

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