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Symbicort 200/6 SMART

Have just this morning been put on Symbicort SMART regime at my first respiratory consultant appointment. I have been struggling with control/persistent chest infections for a number of months now and was on maximum dose of Flutiform which my GP was able to prescribe as well as Montelukast. Am really hoping that this now gives me the flexibility I need to get things under control again. Does anyone have experience of this?

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I did the Symbicort SMART regime, when it first started being used in general practice ( about 18 years ago) I actually found it really good. You do need to have a really good written action plan.

Unfortunately in the end I had to step up to other and more drugs so it all became a bit more complicated.

I do hope it works out for you


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I am currently on the SMART regime taking 200/6. I've found it to be quite effective in helping my asthma and I've found it has actually been working better at getting acute flare ups under control.

I'm on the lowest dose possible morning and night (take as required during the day) but I am allowed to increase if I am experiencing problems. I have done it three times over the winter when I've found myself getting chesty and I am sure it has contributed in helping me stay off high dose steroids.

Everyone is unique however and the best thing to do is give it a try.

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I am on the Symbicort SMART regime. I find it useful because if I need to take it more over several days, it is a sign I need to step up the Prednilosone. I find it a better predictor than peak flow. However, everyone is different. Hope iut works for you.

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