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Is flour a trigger?

Hi everyone!

I'm seriously thinking about starting a small food business that involves a lot of baking. Has anyone found that they have a reaction to flour? I have never really thought about flour being a trigger, but I've read a bit about occupational asthma.

I don't want to start something that could be bad for my asthma. To be fair, it would be a tiny operation to start with, just thinking ahead.

My asthma is well controlled with Seretide.

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Hi everyone's triggers are different so I don't think that would help you. I don't know if I am allergic to flour coz I never bake. If you do and haven't had a bad reaction to it yet I presume you won't.

Ps my fave cake is chocolate cake... :) x


I do a lot of baking which I love :-) but I have never found flour to be a trigger. As coughalot2 says though, one person's trigger differs from another's. I guess if you are interested in starting a bakery business you must have some experience of baking- perhaps you could see if you could find work in a bakery before investing in your own business: that way you could see if it has any adverse effects on your asthma :-/ All the best, Flossie


I used to bake and it made me sneeze. If you have air circulation that sucks downwards, a low pressure area below your work surface, that will help - I use one of my air purifiers for that when doing woodwork. it is worth being sure - I can't work with a lot of species whatever my precautions, and one has to consider work clothes transitioning dusts elsewhere. I don't think flour should be too bad, probably worse for some people's asthma to eat the finished product! It could be a great business, there are unusual flours like Spelt and what-not. Watch-out for that ergot fungus- stuff gets people all religious.


I do a fair amount of baking at home and can honestly say that flour has never triggered an attack.


Depends how big a cloud of flour you think you might create, I suppose! If you work neatly & have an extractor fan, I don't imagine you'd have a problem.

Good luck!


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