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I am waiting for FESS as sinus issues have contributed to huge issues with my breathing - I used to be very fit but I can no longer exrecise without prednisilone- this has happened in less than two years. I have had sinus issues for a long time.

I have an IgE of 527 but tests have never revealed a trigger. No inhaler seems to offer much relief ( they cause acid reflux though). I also have IBS which is largely under control- it's not what eat but the size of the portions - large portions have me running to the toilet- my 11 year old son eats more than me.

Blood tests have not really shown anything untoward- a CT of my lungs was clear but showed that my sinuses had issues that needed treatment. Doctors keep saying asthma.

I read about a woman being diagnosed nosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of 79 - it has made me think a little about my condition as I know a lot of asthmatics but none have had like me - in two years it has reduced me to a shadow of my former self. Even a three mile cycle ride to work leaves me exhausted.


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Good luck with the operation..Unfortunately inhalers don't help with sinus and upper respiratory infections..I hope you will feel better x

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