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Feeling Dead Grumpy!

After 12 months with no incidents and managing to reduce my Seretide dose I have been struck down with the worst asthma attacks I have ever had.

For the first time in 6 years I was genuinely scared I was not going to get my breathing under control and could not stop coughing long enough to use my inhalers effectively.

I had amazing care from my new GP (recently moved house) and they saw me within 20 minutes of calling so back on steroids.

So why am I grumpy? Because no one (unless you have asthma) get how scary/exhausting and frustrating attacks like this are. Is it just me that feels unsupported at times like this?

My partner just looks like a rabbit in the headlights then turns to pity and my sisters (one a GP the other a nurse) do not appreciate the impact of my asthma as it is mainly well controlled but the brittle nature means that it can turn in an hour (in fairness they have never witnessed this)

Just feeling very tired, sad and misunderstood - so there (will snap out of it soon)!

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I am so sorry you have had a really bad attack. I truly hope you can get it back under control, and get meds sorted to a agreeable level.


Thank you

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Omg how awful. This must have been so traumatic for you and I am glad you seem a lot better now. Maybe the answer with your partner is to get him to do some reading on asthma so he understands more? Have you told him exactly how he can help you? It must be very scary for him as well. x


I do know it is scary for him - but a good idea I will get him to read a bit more. Thank you for your kind words

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You are more than welcome x


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