X-ray shadow on lung

So I got diagnosed only a couple of years ago- pregnancy induced asthma. I take one puff steroid inhaler a day and blue inhaler if I need it. For the past couple of years got very bad chest infections when get a cough/cold usually requiring antibiotics and increased dosage of inhalers and sometimes hospital visit. Just after Xmas I got what I believe is this nasty virus with awful cough and lots of mucus and got put on amoxicillin which did nothing went back to doctors who suggested doxycycline for 8 days and 5 days prednisolone (not started as breastfeeding and not sure if good idea). I also had a chest X-ray which came back saying lower left lung shadow and just to be sure referred to hospital for ct scan! Now I'm soooo worried what the shadow could be and thinking the worst. Feel better today as into 5 of antibiotics but still anxious. Anyone else have experience of shadow on lung?

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  • Of course you are bound to worry! Any opacity on an X-Ray is flagged and a CT scan is automatically triggered. Sometimes these opacities come and go but it is always sensible to have them checked out. The ct scan, with or without contrast, will give them much more info. There could be lots of causes but it is human nature to think the worst. As my husband said, "Nothing to fear but fear itself". (Well he was quoting from an American president.)

    Needless to say, I have had various lung opacities and three ct scans.

  • Hi pugdog. I have just had the same experience and was horrified when the doctor told me there was something on the x ray that he needed to see me about the only difference is I was coughing up some blood. The doctor had already put me on antibiotics and like you was starting to feel a little better anyway as it turns out the shadow was caused by a bad chest infection that had turned into pnemonia . The funny thing is that it had not really affected my asthma. The doctor said that he has seen many cases of chest infections this year much more than normal. Please try not to worry to much as it does take a while for antibiotics to kick in and the Ct scan is probably your doctor making sure things are ok. One other thing please don't search for answers on the internet as it will frighten you silly. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi jonty7, glad to hear yours was ok and just infection, I'm trying not to Google anymore as you are very right! Sounds like quite a few of these turn out to be previous infections etc so I'm trying not to worry. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Similar story went for xray but was told nothing. 3weeks later was sent to go to a and e for xray i said why. It was then that they said there was somwthing on yr previous xray and we need to follow it up. I was terrified cus i thought it was ok. Anywsy xray was done and it was ok. Dr said to me the spot o previous xray could hav been caused by infection and it has now gone. I was so relieved so i understand ur fears. Hopefully u will be ok.

  • sometimes these things come and g, but theyre just being through :) id be worried too if i had a shadow on an xray :( just trust that the docs know what theyre doing and know that whatever happens you have us :)

  • My daughter was told she had a shadow on her lung and it turned out to be an infection so try not to worry xxx

  • Thanks Karjade, I hope mine is also just infection, was hers picked up on ct scan?

  • It was picked up on an X-ray first but then she went on to have a scan. She had quite a bad chest infection and was in hospital for a couple of days but the shadow was purely the infection xxx

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