Feeling fed up

Hi I'm 50 years of age I've had a chest infection for over 3 weeks now I've had 3 lots of different types of antibiotics and steroids, I am still coughing a bit . My main concern is my breathing ,I'm out of breath using my inhalers. I don't know if I need to go back to docs this week? I'm not sure if I can go too work feeling like this any advice welcome please

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  • I'd maybe ask for a sputum sample to check if you're on the right ABs.

  • Thank u I will

  • You need to get your inhaler technique checked and maybe do some breathing exercises. I know that the bugs this year seem especially difficult to shift - even the Queen had a cold for 3 weeks! You will get better, but your GP and asthma nurse should be able to help speed things up a bit.

  • Thank you good advice I'm going back too docs tomorrow

  • Sorry to hear your feeling ill. I have just come out of hospital due to having the same and still feel bad. I found out off my husband that where I live in south east the politician level is already at it maximum for 2017 so don't think even taking the meds are good because the pollution is so bad. The government don't seem to care unless they get money for it. So give yourself time and joe your well soon.

  • Sorry too hear you've been in hospital get well soon

  • Thanks. My phone has been playing up I meant the pollution level!

  • If you're seeing your Doc soon you might care to ask about the possibility of anti-viral Meds as antibiotics won't generally help with most infections which are more often viruses.

    Having said that, some classes of antibiotics seem to work better than others for bacteria infection. Clarythromycin has worked well for me in the past though I did take it for two full weeks. I'm not confident about these short 7 Day courses of broad spectrum antibiotics.

    I've now had a chest infection for nearly five weeks. It seems now to be stating to clear a bit.

    One thing that's helping me is the timing of Inhaler use. As a temporary measure (while infected) I've found that taking my Blue Inhaler in single doses (rather than two puffs) but more often about once every five hours is giving me greater relief. Note, this is not medical advice and I'm not a medic. This Dosage might amount to overdosing for some so check with a professional first.

    I read that a big problem when you've got Mucus is getting the inhaled Meds to penertrate the mucus. I find it helps if Meds are Inhaled just after a bout of productive coughing (i.e. when there's less Mucus for the inhaled Meds to penertrate). Again, that's just me, not medical advice.

  • Thank you good advice

  • See a McTimony chiropractor. Your rib muscles are probably too tight and you need help in relaxing them. The muscles in your back are also probably too tight and need to be untightened.

    It is also worth while seeing an Alexander Technique teacher to help you learn about posture and muscle control. Both of which have an influence on breathing. At your age of 50 it is possible you have developed the habit of caving the chest. This will prevent good breathing. An Alexander Technique teacher can help you to undo this habit if it is present.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you I'm going back to docs on Tuesday ill get my inhalers technic looked at .I've got a new inhaler but don't really no what I'm doing with it

  • Go back to your gp if you are still out of breath. Better to get checked out than continuing to struggle

  • I'm going back Tuesday

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