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Good evening fellow huffers and puffers .... I've completed the 16 week trial and have now got the green light for continued xolair treatment, I see my consultant today who concerned about my SOB but no other asthma related symptoms.... he concluded that it must be my heart ???

Where as I had an urgent ecg,x-ray and many bloods taken ...after reading the relative xolair side affects on there web site I see heart failure is one !!!!! ??? Wondering if anyone else had experience of this ?????

Sorry for the long post !!!!

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I am about to go on Xolair, and to be honest having read the disclaimers and side effects, I just feel give it a go!

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I haven't read that as being a common one so it's most likely rare! There's quite a few people out there on it so I may be wrong. But generally if things start to spike up they'll take you off it. I've been on it for nearly two years but it's only been in the past 6 months I've been having the uncommon side effects. Bring it up with your nurse or consultant whoever does your injections next because I'm sure they'll look into it.


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