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Asthma BETTER with common cold?!

I thought colds and flus were meant to make asthma worse, but I feel really good these last few days if you don't count the usual cold misery. Why has my asthma eased up with something known to worsen it? :o Or will my asthma only flare up AFTER the cold passes?

EDIT: I never usually cough with asthma. Could coughing so much be helping me?

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It varies from asthma sufferer to asthma sufferer and from viral infection to viral infection. With me, if an infection starts with a sore throat my asthma usually (note 'usually') won't flare up noticeably. My peak flow might drop a bit, but not enough to worry me. If, however, an infection begins with a tight little cough my inner alarm bells go off; I have ended up with severe asthma issues following on from such symptoms. Not often these days; if I'm worried I'll contact my local GP practice and they will fit me in to see a doctor on the same day.

It's good that your asthma hasn't flared up, but I would keep a check on your peak flow rates until you know you are fully recovered - just in case.

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My theory is that sometimes one kind of virus or bacteria comes along which outcompetes a pre-existing stuborn one that has taken up long term residence and is exacerbating a respiratory condition (even if the pre-existing infection's presence was not that apparent). At least, that's what I believe recently happened to me lately. Some infections are known to destroy other infections.


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