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Steroid advice help!!

Hi all,

I've been on a few times over the last few weeks so apologies if anyone knows my history! Sorry it's a long one!!

I've had to bad attacks in the last few weeks!!

One six weeks ago - started my steroids and went to docs - he gave me antibiotics for chest infection. Had time off work went back!!

Attack 2 was in work two weeks ago - blue didn't work - was getting worse so they called an ambulance which took me to hospital - 4 nebs later I was good to go!! With steroids visited docs again a few days later I had developed another infection(more antibiotics) I'm still off work cos if I do anything normal I begin having symptoms!! She wants me to stay off work until I see the consultant at hospital on the 18th Nov!!

These are new experiences which scared me!! I know others have worse but it still scary when you can't breathe!

The point is I'm still having symptoms everyday and over the last week my peak flow had been slowly falling again! From 550 to 440. It's fallen from 500 to 440 in the last two days!! Do I follow my action plan and start my recuse steroids even though I've been on two lots recently?!?

Thanks everyone!!

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Hi! I have sent you a personal message. I think steroids are definitely on the cards again for you. Go and see the GP and good luck. Hope you feel better soon. X

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I've started rescue steroids better to be safe than sorry!!!

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