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Flu jabs

Hi everyone, just to let you know that since having the flu and pneumonia jabs last week I have had no reaction from them. I'm working on the idea if I didn't feel anything by now I won't (forever the optimist lol). Anyway I'm thanks again for all the guidance and shared experiences as it was both comforting and reassuring. I have also been seen at pulmonary rehab clinic (both depressing and inspiring at same time if that make any sense) lol she ask me to hold my breath to time it...3 seconds later I was coughing and spluttering and asthma attack. So much for that! I also have GERD apparently but since starting treatment I'm sleeping most of the night with no need for my inhaler and I'm back sleeping lying down last two nights. Feeling so much stronger. I hope everyone is keeping as well as they can again thank you all!

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Fingers crossed for you with the repercussion of flu jab. Had mine and 3/4 weeks later wow Iv had a tough week. Thankfully I have a little more knowledge this year.

Although still having to have steroids regular nebulising now antibiotic, bed rest but thankfully no hospitals. Just keeping onto of things.

I feel all a result to flu jab/or change of season ???

Hope your able to dodge it.


Oh jokir152, I am sorry to hear you are so poorly. It's very difficult to just stay on top of all this and so exhausting mentally aswel as physically. I was hoping I have escaped the side affects but it may be wishful thinking and fear after last hosp episode. I hope you have some support close at hand. Let me know how you are.


I had been away in Italy and came back and felt particularly well for a week after starting on Montelukast again along side Fostair. Then I had my flu jab and felt asthma come on later that day - chest tightening and breath a bit tight. Since then I've been extra sensitive to fumes and coughing so using Ventolin more frequently.


My peak flows dropped yesterday and I struggled all day today. Don't know if it is flu jab or some other factor. like everyone here it's like two steps forward and one back. Lorcas how did u manage on the flight? I can't fly at moment as every time I did I ended up needing my blue inhaler as soon as we in the air. My last 4h flight 18months ago almost ended with the flight diverting to land (cringed with embarrassment) but had to be kept on oxygen for the remainder of 3hrs flying with 10min obs.

Does any one else have this? they are thinking I have copd (never smoked) as well as asthma.

Have a peaceful day good people.


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