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Asthmatic with chest infection but not given antibiotics by doc

Hi I'm new to forum, I have had a cough and bringing up green phlegm for 10 days, saw doc on Friday he said chest was clear and I have a viral chest infection which doesn't require antibiotics. It seems antibiotics are only being given in cases of bacterial infections I.e pneumonia. Has anyone else come across this

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This is perfectly normal.

NICE latest guidelines DO NOT recommend antibiotics in this type of case. It is far better to avoid the use of antibiotics unless the doctor feels their is an urgent need for them.

Hope you are feeling better.


Thank you for reply


It is normal not to give antibiotics, but I am confused how they can tell the difference between crackly mucus/phlegm and wheezing. Most of us can feel if we're wheezy and isn't it just the way that a cough quietens it down just before they get their stethoscope out?!

Could double your inhaled preventer but it will take a while to kick in, up to 2 weeks. In the meantime monitor your peak flow and if it's on a downward trend and below 80% of your best go and bug the doctors again.

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