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Resistant Chest Infection

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I've had asthma for 30 or more years very well controlled on Relvar Ellipta. Get the odd chest infection usually bounce back after 3 or 4 days on antibiotics and oral prednisolone. In my 70s and still go to the gym. Currently got a chest infection on last day on 7 day antibiotics and oral steroids but no better tight chest peak flow not improved at all. Currently 380 it's normally 550. Wondering what to do next?

7 Replies
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Hi Noddy. Oh poor you! I’m sorry you are having a tough time. That’s a mirror of my recent experience. Go back to the Dr! Don’t leave it. Sounds like you might need more antibiotics and steroids. I have never needed a double dose in my life, but after the first course I was exactly the same as you are. Some of these infections are proving hard to shift I think and once the balance and control of asthma is shaken then it seems to take a while to get it back on track. If there’s any infection or inflammation left then it seems to flare back up once the medications stops. It’s so frustrating because like you, I’ve always popped back to full health after such an episode. This year has been different! I’m chatting to my asthma nurse next week to review things. Try not to do too much until you’ve really knocked this on the head. wishing you a speedy recovery and hope you can get back into see the Doc soon.

All the best 👍

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Noddy66 in reply to Helga12

Thanks Helga sound advice, I will get on to my surgery on Monday. I also found a video on here about breathing exercises so trying that and huffing up gunge.Cheers Noddy

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Gareth57 in reply to Noddy66

it could be you need more antibiotics and steroids but it is also possible the infection is viral rather than bacterial in which case more antibiotics will not help, but see what your GP says.

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I had a chest infection that started in December and it took about 5 weeks and two lots of antibiotics for me to start to feel well again. Probably the most stubborn infection I've had in years. Definitely go back to your doctor in case you need additional treatment. Hope you feel better soon.

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I've recently had this awful virus that's going about. I initially had 5 days of prednisolone, no improvement, then 7 days antibiotics, although GP thought it was viral he thought we may as well. Still just as bad, so I've now just finished a further 10 day course of prednisolone, the longest I've ever had. I'm finally feeling a lot better. So I think more steroids may be the answer. Hope you improve very soon.

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Thanks for all your support rough night coughing up more green/yellow phlegm suggesting it's bacterial. Feel more optimistic that it's shifting but no improvement to peak flow so will contact GP tomorrow. Cheers Noddy

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Noddy66 in reply to Noddy66

Update: went to GP on Monday as suggested and chest on examination was more crackly than my first examination. I was prescribed another antibiotic Doxycycline. It's been quite upsetting on my stomach but bringing up more green gunge now and feeling a little better. Still no improvement in peak flow remains below 400 but been very inactive so start mobilising tomorrow hopefully.

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