Struggling today

Been feeling a bit off all week this week but managed to get to the end of the working week. Last night came home and throat was hurting to swallow even my own saliva so took a couple of paracetamol, had my dinner and went to bed. Sat there most of the night not being able to sleep as I felt so ill and could not breathe out of my nose! Woke up at 4 took more painkillers and tried to go back. Have been drinking lemsip and honey and lemon all day but my nose is so blocked I know it's going to be another restless night! Everything coming from my left nostril which is blocked is green which is never a good sign :( I've also had my flu jab recently but don't know if this can make you sick?

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  • So sorry that you're feeling poorly.

    I hope you start to feel better soon.

  • Thank you so much :) take care too xx

  • If your throat is still sore try gargling with soluble aspirin or paracetamol whichever you use A tip from a GP given to me when I had glandular fever. Try sniffing an Olbas oil inhaler. Or use Olbas oil in steam or cheaper still use menthol crystals which you can buy from the chemists. I have a bottle which I have had years. It is so strong - the best thing. This will clear your nose -maybe not permanently but it will help. Then there is always vapour rub - the old standby. Hope this helps until you can get to the GP

  • Thank you free faller for that tip, I will give that a go today! Thank you for all that advice! I managed to sleep better last night but still blocked up. Will see how I feel tomorrow I guess and if I can go to work xx

  • I would say gargle and swallow soluble paracetamol, has worked wonders for me in the past when I've had a really sore throat.

  • I know it's a simple thing but get some nose drops and a Vicks plug in for your room. Will make all the difference to your nose. Take care

  • Hi Katt, thank you for your reply did not know you could get a Vicks plug in X

  • I feel your pain, certainly a lot going around but then it's warm one day and miserable the next, a perfect growing medium for bugs.

    I'm in same boat. I agree trying to unblock your nose, speak to the pharmacist. Ok as and menthol crystals good. Try sleeping with an extra pillow so that anything moving drains ( sorry to be gross). Mind the cream for your red nose.

    The flu jab is an non live vaccine so can't make you ill.

    Feel better soon

  • Hi yes the weather has defiantly not been a help! My mum and a few others at work have all got the same too! Aww not good that you are in the same boat :( yes should have slept with an extra pillow!

    Ok just a rumour I've heard then!

    Thank you, feel better too :) xx

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