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Asthma not great today

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Hi quick question.

I have had asthma all my adult life. Asthma is a bit all over the placethe last few day.

My question is. does anybody else get headaches and a bit dizzy when asthma is unstable. Its not anything I have experienced before. I look forward to others members experiences and advice. (I also have bronchietasis )

thank you in advance

7 Replies
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Hi hope u are feeling better. I am currently unwell with asthma. I don't get dizziness, or headaches, with it until I am very tired and lacking in sleep. I am mostly worse on a night. So weeks of very little sleep give me bad heads,. Apart from that no but everybody is different. Take care

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Have you tested for covid?

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teddyd in reply to stones93

Tested yesterdsy and today negative.

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I used to get light headed and the occasional headache if I took too much Ventolin. Again, a lack of sleep from overnight asthma symptoms also would give me headaches. I do get dizzy spells (& tinnitus), but that's a result of nasal inflammation in the past. If you have post nasal drip, that can exacerbate asthma but, occasionally, it can affect the eustachian tube and cause vertigo and hearing issues. If you have any *nasal symptoms talk to your GP or asthma nurse as you can use a nasal spray to control the symptoms.

*symptoms may be as mild as regular sniffing in order to clear accumulated mucus.

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If I get wheezy, I get headaches. Maybe it's because I don't get enough oxygen to my brain, I don't know. I can't blow a balloon up for probably the same reason. Once I start to get better, they go.

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teddyd in reply to ChrissieMons

If I try to blow up a balloon I faint .

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I do! Though I'm not the best at attributing asthma symptoms to asthma to be honest so take from that what you will! I do have other conditions so maybe it's one of those but since I was a child, If I exercise and get asthma symptoms but don't take my rescue inhaler I get a headache and I'll feel lightheaded. The headache and light-headedness always set in later than chest tightness/ pain and shallow breathing/ feeling short of breath and at that point I know I really need to take my rescue inhaler. Once the inhalers sorted out my breathing the light-headedness goes but the headache can linger. Interesting to see people get headaches from their ventolin as if I take it before the headache starts I won't get one. The headache is my 'No you really need to get your ventolin now, sign'. Maybe the headache is just because I'm dehydrated at the same time as my asthma is symptomatic? But I've always attributed it to asthma

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