Hi there

Hi there

Sorry I haven't been in touch😊. Dad had a major op, 3 weeks in intensive care, he made it, now convalescing but touch and go..

So I propped up my asthma with all sorts of meds and it was hot, found that hard to deal with, or the air-conditioned hospital wards😉

Anyway had my rare pulmonary illness checkup😱 Nothing special I'm taking more bronchodilators and they lowered the Seretide to 125mg instead of 250mg and gave me a box of bronchovaxom, 10 days each month from November to January, it's a bacteria mix against bronchitis. But I started something last week, lost my voice with it and have a cough so I got my emergency pred out today to see if I can shake it off before it becomes a full-blown something. I got it from going to hospital I think, cleaning hands etc but you know those places are full of germs. Luckily I had that pneumonia vaccination, poor Dad had a drain in.

So I am so very tired, you must take care of yourself they said, yeah right life goes on though..started physiotherapy again, that should help. I go home and straight to sleep on the settee😃

My daughter is coming over on Sunday from Barcelona with her cat, that should be fun😃

I hope you are all taking care of yourself xx

PS saw that car down the high street..funny country..

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  • I am so pleased everything went well for your Dad.

  • Thank you it's very kind.

  • Thanks for the private message but I have only seen your email. Sorry that your dad's been so unwell and that you aren't feeling great either...Trust you have a great time with your daughter. Ttfn :-)

  • She's arrived with the cat!! And the weather is fine!!

    Thanks. Take care too xx

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