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Hi my name is di and I'm new. I have chronic and very brittle asthma. Im allergic to grass inks perfumes bleach animals moulds pollen etc. I take ventolin flixotide serevent inhalers and phyhocontin and montelukast. I have been asthmatic all my life .I've been married 48yrs and my husband has always treated my asthma as a cross he's had to bear and has never been very supportive when I've been unwell. Now he has been diagnosed with Interstitial Pulmonary Fibrosis and it's completely thrown me. He's never been ill in his life. He still works (he's in his 70s) doc says he's had it 2yrs. He's in construction. He's using ventolin and at at sybicort 200 but coughs a lot.

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Allergy! many types.

Some medication helps. What is necessary is to keep a daily diary of food intake and reactions also reaction to anything.

Try and avoid if you can.

In my case I have food allergy, chemical allergy. If the cleaning troll goes pas by I can react. If some one comes into the office with very strong perfume that is it.

Carpet shop, flower shop DIY shop to name a few.

I have been on allergy medication once a day for 35 years, under control and two different type of inhalers. The medicine I was on is no longer available and I am in trouble to find a suitable medication, the new medicine made me to behave like a stupid person!!!!

I will be 70 soon. I cannot eat Jaffa cakes, MCD milk shake!, I cannot go near some fruits!

My wife has her views.


Ooh! lots of thought I'm not going to mention! You are used to dealing with your own condition, so you know a bit about what he is going through. You'll cope. You've coped up to now, so, as you are adaptable as women are, and you now have to bear his cross, as it were, you'll manage. It is up to him to look after himself and see the doctor when he needs to - but go with him. If you don't, he might not give you the full story when he gets back!

And look after yourself, too.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I have always had to look after myself . Himself is not to bad at the moment. He decided to stop his meds a few weeks ago cos he said they was making him worse and he stopped his blood pressure tabs. He's now back on all of these cos he realised he was worse without them. He has trouble excepting he has a progressive illness and do not want me to go with him to see doctor but does let me read the letters from her. I will look after and support him and I love him dearly. He is so fit and strong for his age and I never expected him to get ill. He will see the consultant again in Nov. Hope you are keeping well as can be.

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In the kitchen when I prepare veg, like pealing carrots or parsnip or any veg from the ground, I can start if off!.

What to do, I use a simple mask to cover my nose and mouth when cleaning veg.

I try and avoid medication.


Hi thank you for replying. I don't have a problem with veg but do use masks when I'm changing bed or cleaning or outside if pollen count is high. Hope you are keeping well as can be. I'm very well at mo after a bad month !!


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