Good morning to u all , well what a night arm has been killing so that kept awake and trying to get comfortable so seen every hour and popping pain killers but not really helping might have to ask for something a bit stronger but so many alerting so to tablets it's hard I'm taking tramadol ,paracetamol,mortphine patch but still hurts had to put a plate in to hold it together as well my bed the nerves etc man don't I know about it have a good day to u all

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  • ouch ouch ouch.. Sounds like you had Sun awful night. Hope the day is better, take it easy, I'll be thinking of you

  • Hi yea is abit ouch all the bruises coming out now as well arm going black and fingers pretty sight got go back week Thursday to c what happening have good day X

  • The nerve block has worn off now so that why it is so painful. I had an operation on my thumb joint in February which was extremely painful and I thought I would never get back to normal. I also had a cast on for six weeks which was the worst thing ever! It will take time but each day it will slightly get less painful - keep taking the painkillers!

  • Hi I hope so very painful hope it's ok now X

  • What did you exactly have done?

  • Wrist broken as I broke it few years back smashed to pieces not been right since done scan and the bone grown back wrong and two long so had to cut and reline the bone and put a metal plate in X

  • Well let's hope it will be fine now. Each day the pain will lessen and the physio hand therapist really helped me. Good luck xx

  • You poor thing Tracey, I do hope your medical team can help control the pain for you.

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