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re visit to asthma nurse

Hi all 

I just been to see my lovely asthma nurse. I was put on flixotide after being on seretide for 3 mths following an asthma attack. I did ring asthma uk before I went to get things clear in my mind. They were brilliant as per usual and came to the same conclusion as my asthma nurse if not as long ie. the next 12 weeks.

The outcome was instead of coming off flixotide after two months reducing from two to one puff and then none thing as recommended by the doctor. I been told to stick to the flixotide for the next 6 mths over the spring and summer season.  I do have hay fever too but only in my eye. Yes a strange one but that's what the senior partner of my GP said. 

Keeping an eye on my symptoms and my peak flow of course. So here's to spring and summer and staying healthy. 

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Glad it all went well Elana!!😊 Yes the one-eye thing is funny 😀 Save on eye drops🙃

Take care xxx

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I'm on flixotide 250.  Here's hoping it works as well for you as it does for me:-).

I find that one of my eyes is much more sensitive and far more likely to require eye drops than the other as well.


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