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Steroids and antibiotics

After battling an exarcebation for five days it finally developed into a chest infection so I have been prescribed prednisolone and amoxicillin. I need to rest for the chest infection but pred always makes me hyper. Got about four hours sleep last night and although I feel terrible I am bouncing off the walls, I have sorted my recycling before 7am this morning and took it out to the bins (live in a flat, no lift just stairs). I know I need to rest but just cant, any advice?

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Make sure you take them early in the morning is the only advice i can give. The same thing happened with me....energy and the need to eat ALOT! I did manage to sleep tho...all night as I took the pills really early in the morning as I eat early due to going to work. I'm not good at resting even when unwell....have to always be on the go. At least you're on the meds which will help you. Try and put your feet up at regular intervals throughout the day....and stay on the warm,



Hi, Yes I know what the steriods are like as I have been on high dose for 3 years.I have always meditated and this has in been a life line for chronic ill health. If you practice 5 mins a day regualrly your practice will grow.This will bring a relaxation response to all of your body and mind so you can achieve a different rest than sleep.

I also use yoga,reading, writing,sewing(with shakes is not easy) and anything that is physically less demaninding.Theres lots of choice, I had to choose a different way to live and sleep with steriods.


Oh, you have my sympathy - I'm in the same boat. I find that I have to time my bursts of activity, then make myself sit down with a drink and watch rubbish tv or listen to the radio. I think I am cheating now at the computer!

I read a lot, look at old photos, anything to take my mind off this situation, - that is, when my mind isn't bouncing as well. Try breathing exercises and tell yourself that this will pass - it is just a matter of time. Nothin wrong with dreaming away the odd day or two. Good luck!


Well I slept for a bit longer last night after taking the second dose first thing in the morning as advised above. The first day I took the dose just after being prescribed so about midday, big mistake. Took third dose at 7am this morning, its only a five day course so half way through now and I am breathing so much easier.

I am putting the bursts of activity to good use by doing some epic cleaning an decluttering, hoping that less clutter will make it easier to clean and help my asthma as well. Still feeling very crappy from the infection though, hope the antibiotics kick in soon :(


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