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Portable Nebuliser


Hi, new on here!

Came across the site when looking at nebuliser reviews as I'm considering buying my own portable one to supplement the larger NHS one I'll leave at home.

I found lots of recommendations on here for the Omron microair U22 but they were all from a few years ago. Is it still the best choice? I see there are now a couple of Philips ones on the Evergreen site that probably weren't out when the previous posts were placed. My concern with the Omron was it looks like you have to hold it the whole time but the others (Aeroneb Go or Innospire Mini) only fractionally larger but may allow "hands free" operation.


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hi, i currently use an omron microair u22.- i cant fault it, it makes no noise as it is ultrasonic so i can watch tv and neb. the elastic on the mask holds it in place. it is very small and light weight so cn fit in my handbag when needed. the battaries last a while

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Good to know I'll look it up. Thanks.

I have the Pari Boy Mobile nebuliser and find it superb.


Hi Pieman,

I have Pariboy SX I find it simple to use and light but it is noisy yes, I hated the Philips Respiratics that I got at first from the NHS but the Clinic gave me a prescription to rent out this one.

Best of luck.

thanks for the replies, I decided to go with the Innospire Mini so will let you know how I get on!

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