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New job or weather?

I started my new job on the 10th November in a shop that sells kitchen/ bathroom cleaner stuff and allsorts on the 14th my breathing got really bad so I went to the doctors and she gave me 5 days of steroids also I was using my brown and blue inhaler. I got taken to hospital in ambulance last Friday for the day because asthma attack, they put me on a nebulizer, heart rate monitor, oxygen monitor and gave me a xray.

after 6 hours they sent me away with 2 more days of steroids and 5 days of antibiotics I havnt been able to breath properly for 13 days now cant breath when I talk, the doctor is putting it down to panic anyone else had this?

2 days ago the doctor put me on fluticasone propionate (white inhaler) to see if that helps. I tried to go to work today but had to leave after 3 hours as I was exhausted trying to breath walk around and talk. Iv been off work for a week even breathless when at home. I tried to go in today, feel so down, fedup and exhausted just dont know what to do.

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Go back to Dr or hospital had similar symptoms for 4 weeks after chest infection. Since been in hospital week now.

Hope you get some help as its so tiring.

The illiminating and experimenting takes so long. But hopefully things will get sorted. as I am hoping.


Are you allergic to the cleaning products at work as that seems an obvious answer? I react badly to chemicals such as polish, paint and other certain things. I had a job once at Avon Cosmetics and I loved it but had to leave because of the chemicals which really affected me. Hope you feel better soon.


It could just be related to the weather . Several asthmatics I know are unwell at this time of the year . However , I also react badly to strong chemical fumes eg. bleach ,air freshener sprays and plug-ins, cigarette smoke . My daughter was advised not to work in an enclosed office using air-conditioning as this could trigger her asthma.


I am very allergic to cleaning products and certainly could not work with them.

Are they in use where you work or are they in containers for sale?if in containers and not in use it shouldn't be the products. However if being used or opened I certainly could not do it.

It may take a few weeks to recover from an attack. Hope you feel much better soon.


I could not work there the stench of cleaning products would make my asthma into killer asthma!!! I've had to campaign at work to stop our cleaners from using strong smelling polish and floor cleaner as it was causing lots and lots of colleagues I'll (even those without asthma!). Leave this job asap !


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