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Generic Montelukast

Does anyone find cheaper generic versions of Montelukast affect their asthma control? My pharmacy supply different types of this drug on a regular basis. I now have what looks like a really cheap version of it (even if it should meet product licence)

For a while now my asthma control has been below normal and the only thing that is different is the Montelukast. I'm breathless, exercise tolerance is down, husky voice, waking during the night and using my ventolin more.

Any thoughts??

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I've only ever used the same version (local Boots) so don't know for sure, but there was an interesting post a while ago on the Fungal Infection Trust forum from Graham Atherton, who is Director of the National Aspergillosis Centre discussing itraconazole.

He said: "We have found that blood dose changes if you change make - the manufacturers claim that should not happen does."

So that might suggest that there are some differences between different makes of the same drug. You'd probably need a PhD in genetics to actually prove it though!


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