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I was at the respiratory clinic for my asthma this morning. The doctor prescribed me Montelukast. Please can you tell me what your experience of this is?

Thank you very much.

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I like Montelukast, it has helped me. First time I was prescribed it, I didn't notice any benefit, but this time it has helped. I got vivid dreams at first, but they wore off, though I understand some people get nightmares for a while.

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garywake in reply to lakelover

I am glad to say I have had no side effects at all from it and my asthma is currently well controlled.

That’s amazing. I hope I have the same! Thank you

Thank you for you reply. It’s good to hear all has been okay. I started last night. I have quartered the 10mg and I’ll start slowly. I’m very sensitive to pills. Thank you again.

Everyone is different. In my case I had more energy and a lot less breathlessness for a few months, was over the moon, until I started to get a lot of pain in my arms, legs, then tingling and burning and shooting pains in my feet and hands, and weak painful wrists and hands. I stopped taking it.

I’m sorry it ended up with you having to not to take it any more. I hope the tingling stopped. Thank you

The shooting pains eventually went away, then I researched natural leuketroine inhibitors and started to take them and felt a lot better.

I’m very glad it went away. It must have been very painful.

Thanks. It was more worrying, shooting pains from nowhere, and the way my hands got was worrying as could not hold things and pain in wrists all the time. if you research this medication montelukast you will see that SOME people not many can get such problems and/or churg strauss. i would have liked to have carried on taking it otherwise. how are you feeling now?

That really does sound awful; apart from the pain and inability to do things, it must have been so scary. I have read a lot about Montelukast, which is why I have been so resistant to taking it. When I couldn’t really play football with my little boy or walk up the hill without wheezing and my chest tightening, I decided I had to try.

I have started by quartering the 10mg pill. I took a quarter last night. I’ll take a quarter for a couple of weeks and then take another quarter. I really want it to work. I have a bit of a headache this morning but I often have headaches so it may be nothing to do with it.

Im already on relvar 184 and a really strong antihistamine so I’m not sure what more can be done.

I think one way is to make it a smaller dose, and maybe another way - and maybe both together - is to take it on days you are going to be busy and out and about playing football or whatever, and not the other days?

Thank you for the suggestion. Is the effect not cumulative? I do these things most days as we have two dogs!

I have four dogs and have lost count of the number of times a doctor has tried to say this why I am ill - totally ignoring I was just as ill before I had any pets! and totally ignoring they are totally hairless dogs.

I can never understand why some asthmatics have dogs, cats or smoke....

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LysistrataAdministrator in reply to wiserlady

It's generally not the best idea to alter dosing of a medication this way without medical advice, or to advise others to do it. Montelukast isn't designed or approved to be taken occasionally/as needed generally - you need to keep at it every day to see a benefit. I realise a small number of people do have problems with it and need to stop, and children now get a smaller dose. However, as with anything the people who have problems are the people who tend to post about it disproportionate with their numbers. Many people have no problems and find it works well, or that it doesn't work but they have no side effects.

Appleorchard, I would just take the montelukast every day as prescribed for now or you are unlikely to see much benefit, If you're concerned you could always ask a pharmacist or your GP. Or call the nurse helpline on 0300 222 5800, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Or WhatsApp on 07378 606728

Thank you! I will be taking it every day. I’d forget to take it for a start. I’ll build up to a full dose very slowly so it reduces the risk of side effects.

Very good advice - its prescribed at the right level to get the result. Breathing well is so important so you can keep active which in itself help with weight, mental health and circulation.... an open mind and positive approach rather than looking for side effects is probably a useful approach.

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Nansheen in reply to wiserlady

Hi , just wondering what natural leuketroine are you taking. Many thanks.

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LysistrataAdministrator in reply to Nansheen

Hi, just to let wiserlady and you both know the community guidelines on this:

You agree not to:

Post messages promoting any product that claims to cure asthma or reduce asthma symptoms. Any such post will be removed immediately by the moderator.

Link to post with more information and guidelines on this:

thanks you for that reminder - its usual to find those who are promoting so called natural remedies are selling it at huge cost...

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wiserlady in reply to Nansheen

There are all sorts of different ones, it's a vast and complicated subject, you need to research it.

I resisted being prescribed Montelukast as I had read up about all the side effects. However I got to the stage that I was desperate to try anything. To my delight I had no side effects and it works reasonably well.

I’m the same but I need something. I can’t walk up a short hill or play gentle football with my little boy without becoming breathless and wheezing. I hope I don’t have side effects either. Thank you

Please try it with an open mind - it can be a real game changer

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wiserlady in reply to Oldandgray

Please be cautious. I was the same and it took months for the side effects to appear.For a few months I felt terrific, much better, then when they kicked in it was bad and had to stop taking it. The doctors dont want to admit it, I knew it was caused by this, it was the only thing that had changed and I am not stupid, if you look online thoroughly you will fin d lot of information about churg strauss and such side effects from it, and thats what happened to me.

I have read all about some terrible side effects and that’s why I was so reluctant to take it. I’m starting low and going slow to a full dose to try and minimise the side effects. I will definitely stop if I get any side effects.

Glad to hear it

I’ve been on montelukast for 22 years - still works, still no side effects. Hope it’s as helpful for you!

I’m so glad it’s working for you. I really hope it does for me too. I started slow and will build up to give it the best chance. Do you still have flare ups?

Thank you

Well, I’m a bit unusual - I’m more of a slow slide person than sudden flare ups, and we’re having extreme difficulty finding inhalers that help without dreadful side effects, so at the moment it’s basically montelukast and salbutamol keeping me going - hoping the consultant will have some suggestions in a couple of weeks.

I’m sure you have tried it already, but I have found relvar really great. The other combination inhalers made me shake so much. I’m really you can find anything. It’s such a dreadful thing. People have no idea …. I didn’t until I started.

It helped me with tight chest completely. I'm very happy, no side effects.

Thank you - I hope it does The same with me. I’m fed up getting a tight chest!

I was prescribed Montelukast to alleviate the symptoms I was getting through the night, most nights. It has helped massively, and now if I wake between 4-5am with a tight chest for a couple of nights in a row, it’s a pretty good indicator that I’m going to be unwell.

That’s so good it’s alleviated your symptoms. It’s amazing you have a indicator as to when you’re going to be ill. I hope it works for me too. Thank you

Yes, it is really useful - it’s then a gamble as to whether I crash rapidly in a matter of hours - normally no identifiable trigger. Or have an inexorable (and frankly tedious) decline over a few days - ordinarily heat, chest infection or when it’s cold and raining.

I take a whole bunch of other meds but Montelukast had a very specific, and positive, impact. Hopefully it’ll make you feel better, it may take a while to impact.

Thank you and me too!

It must be hard not knowing what is going to happen.

Ive been on it for around 20 years - it was a total game changer and I am hugely grateful to the asthma nurse who suggested it would be good to try it. I noticed a real improvement within a week!! I think if you read the potential side effects it can be self fulfilling.... I was just so very keen to be able to regain my lung health and there was very little known about side effects at the time. That said I didn't put on weight with the contraceptive pill and have sailed through the menopause without so called brain fog... so maybe I'm just lucky??

You do sound lucky!! I am glad to be trying it and will hope for nothing in terms of side effects and lots in terms of benefits.

It is always heartening to hear when a medicine is so good for someone.

Thank you for sharing.

Hi, I was on Montelukast for about 2 years. It was started shortly before Covid hit, so my chances to discuss anything after that were reduced. I did not find it helped me at all, but then I don't believe I have any version of allergic asthma which it seems it is mainly used for. My eosonophils level for allergic induced asthma are very low.

Though I never had nightmares or anything, the quality of my sleep was affected. I could cope with it, but it was eventually a relief to stop using it.

If it works for you that is great! I helps many people so I certainly wouldn't dismiss it.

I am sorry it didn't help you. It is definitely for allergy induced asthma, according to the consultant. I have that so hopefully it will help. I have started on a low dose in the hope of reducing side effects and ensuring I give it the best possible chance of working.

Hi , I'm on Montelukast 2 weeks now,ended up in hospital with allergic asthma. My breathlessness is completely gone the last 2 days. I'm also on relvar ellipta inhaler and low dose of steroids to wean off intense amount I got in hospital. I will only be on Montelukast short term and then hopefully relvar will prevent another flare. I was just diagnosed with an autoimmune disease but have had bad asthma flares every 4 years or so.

Thank you for your concern, but it is OK. I am going though I really good period with my asthma, with the odd blip here and there. I am also far better at handling or knowin what to do when I encounter some of my major triggers, like cold air and pollution especially indoors. So it is far better than it has been for some time.

Unfortunately I didn’t find it beneficial and it affected my sleep pattern and give me palpitations so I stopped it. That said, everyone’s experience with this drug is varied and different

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