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Oral steroids

A bit of a blip which I'm having difficulties getting on top of.

Had chest infection at first 2 different types of antibiotics, one which I had reaction with. Then steroids for past 3 weeks. Asthma reduced until I start to walk around, I'm still very breathless.

Is this normal?

Was referred to specialist Respitorory dr at hospital over two weeks ago as emergency who did bloods X-ray etc, but system was down so all was hand written.

Haven't heard anything rang clinic where someone was to call me bk. No call.

Return to Dr (another different dr) no notes on system as yet.

Why is there such poor coordination of information?

The only consistent info im told is go to A/E if I feel worse.

This is being my worse nightmare.

But I'm now thinking 4-5 weeks on maybe if I had returned A/E I may have been sorted by now.

Im told to start reducing steroids, im still nebulising but not feeling great.

Never been this bad, how long does all this take?

Feel frustrated!!

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Hello Jokir152 wish II could help but don't have that knowledge but hang on in there as someone will be along who can help ♥

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Hi. Sorry to hear what your going through i am goin through exact thing though still waiting to see specialist so im hoping he can help as to why my asthma and chest feel so bad and get me off these horrible steriods. Hope they sort you i would phone specialist again or go to whoever listens.


Sadly, if my (recent) experience of hospital clerical assistants is anything to go by, they are not always the most efficient or reliable people when it comes to communication.


I think you probably just have to keep nagging the doctors. Chest problems can be horribly persistent but you also can't rule out the possibility that there is some problem additional to asthma going on. It's very frustrating that the information isn't being co-ordinated very well & you might need to speak to the practice manager (maybe, I'm no expert in how these things happen) to find out if they can track down all your information, results, etc. to draw some conclusions.

Did they just do a standard x-ray or anything like a CT scan?

Is your cough productive? Is your chest rattling or just tight? If so maybe a sputum sample might not be a bad idea. Not all antibiotics treat all bugs & as we know some bugs just brush off antibiotics, so if they will do a sample it might help point them in the right direction or at least raise other possibilities.

I wouldn't want to spook you, so don't get spooked, but a lot of docs get blinkered with asthmatics to other possibilities with a persistent cough. So as long as you are coughing I just think you have to keep nagging until they get to the bottom of the problem.


Thanks folks. Spoken to Asthma nurse who thinks maybe an A/E trip maybe the answer. As infusion drugs maybe needed.

Iv been holding out on this, as going in is not something I felt I could deal with.

Maybe at this stage she's right. As during the eve my chest gets tighter, and tighter. I just thought if I continued with all meds eventually it would all kick in at some point.,


Hi Jakir,

Did you go to A&E? I just saw your post & was just about to suggest the same thing. You should be getting better with the steroids, if you're still getting breathless walking despite steroids & home nebs & not feeling great then you need reassessed promptly & You're beyond the expertise of GP already so need to see hospital consultant & only way you'll see them fast enough is via A&E.

Hope they get you sorted & feeling better.

Pleas do not start reducing the steroids when you're that symptomatic - you definitely need to be assessed by a doctor before you do that - you should normally be stable (relatively symptom free for 48hours) before starting to reduce them.

Take care & good luck!


Yes thanks admitted inA/E meds being sorted hopefully each day will be a better one.

Awaiting further investigations with lung function testing allergy test, etc. X


Hope A andE have sorted you by now and you are moving forward with your treatment.

Sadly ,it seems that nagging and being persistent is the answer.if still getting nowhere....try PALS(patient liaseon service at your hospital. They will help you to get into the system. They are usually pretty good at resolving things and getting notes found/dots joined up etc.


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