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Help and Advise Please!

I have had Asthma for 20 odd years, manageable until last 3-4 years, I seem to have a Autumn season Asthma, struggle with Damp wet days, I work in a School with Nursery children, and after the return of the summer holidays the little ones get coughs and colds and that the start of my problems. But love my Job.

This being my worse year to-date - Had a cold, which went to my chest started Doxcyciln which didn't seem to help.

Started Steroids, after 5 days these were increased from 6-8. As Cough/breathing were getting worse and worse. Further antibiotic (Clarithromycin) 500mg which I had an Allergic reaction to :-( stopped after 4 days.

Had an Xray, which was clear, After xray was sent to A/E as breathing out of control. put on nebuliser to help, to enable me to return home.

Dr arranged for a portable Nebuliser to be loaned so I could use at home. Thankfully 4 days later I can finally say I have turn the cnr and can see a flicker of light. So have decided to research and found you lovely folks.

Why oh why does this happen and continue to happen....

I am looking to buy my own Nebuliser as I don't want to be going down this route any longer and hope to TRY and keep on top of things. Any recommendations to which I should get please.

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I remember a doctor telling me the best place to become ill was at a school as the children bought in so many infections. Perhaps if you phone the helpline they will be able to help with the nebulizer question or post it on the b.l.f. page. Hope things soon improve for you ♥


Firstly i seem to think the nebuliser is helping, I have one and i use it 4 times per day with a combination of ipramol and solbutamol. If you contact your hospital they will give you tests and if you are a suitable patient they will permanantly loan you a nebuliser and the doctor will prescribe the nebules for you. Make sure you get your flu jab too, and try your best to keep away from people with colds and flu. Good luck.


The flu jab is the most important thing for you to get. The problem we all have as asthmatics is that many viral infections are very contagious before symptoms start to show so it is nigh on impossible to try to avoid them, particularly if you working with small children in a school. I used to be a primary school teacher myself, so I'm well aware of how difficult it is to avoid the bugs. The flu jab should at least give you a chance of avoiding something really nasty.

This next piece of advice will seem difficult given that we are already in the time of year which is bad for most of us, but what will really help you to fight any infections you may pick up is to be as physically fit as is possible. As an exercise induced asthmatic who also does not get on with cold/damp conditions, I found that dance (ballet in my case) was an excellent way to keep fit - ideal because it is done indoors. I know that it is sometimes hard to find the time if you are in the teaching profession, but I earnestly recommend that you find an exercise routine that will suit you (if you don't already do so that is).

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your comments.

Did have flu jab thankfully, struggling today, awaiting hospital call tomorrow to see respiratory Dr/nurse fingers crossed happens. Funny you say about dance exercise did start Ball room dancing loved it, but not been able to restart since sept 😞 just need to get my head around sitting is what I need to do. I'm a doer not a sitter. Xx

Wondering if a trip to sort cave would help???


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