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Can bronchitis cause asthma?

Last Christmas, i had a nasty virus which developed into bronchitis. I was prescribed antibiotics,steroids and given a blue inhaler. The GP also referred me to the Asthma nurse at the practice.She gave me a brown preventative inhaler. Last week i had a spirometry test which was normal and my peak flow has been above average for several weeks. How long will i have to take the inhaler? It is not agreeing with me and giving me severe acid reflux which has now developed into gastritis.

i really dont want to take these inhalets any more. I dont think i have adthma at all !!!!!!!!!! Please help

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I am not sure if bronchitis can cause asthma, but i would go back to your asthma nurse or GP and explain how you are feeling, and you are experiencing side effects they may be able to do more tests for you.

Hope you feel better soon


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