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Should I go back to the docs?

Hi just wondering if anybody had any advice? Despite the GP doubling my antihistamine from 185 once a day to 2 a day, my symptoms haven't significantly improved ( I am on other meds Montelucast, Symbicort 400, nasal spray- Dymista, ) I am just so lethargic, having a shower really takes it out of me & I need my blue inhaler a couple of times to feel ok. I am also finding talking can cause me to feel quite breathless too, I am fine if I do little or nothing!!!! This time last week I had just done a 12 mile hike without any problems so I am usually fit & active.


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If you've got to the stage where it's beginning to be difficult to talk, I would say yes, go back to the docs. What's your peak flow like?


My peak flow is down usually it's around 475 but it's dropped to about 340/360 which probably is high for most other suffers


That's quite a drop and would be enough for me to contact my local surgery to ask for advice at the very least. Do you have an asthma nurse you can contact?


I don't have an asthma nurse as such, we do have a nurse at the practice but she is always booked up so its easier getting an appointment with the GP, I just know if I see him I will end up on pred which I wanted to avoid as it floors me & I put weight on!!! But I guess better that than ending up as an emergency.

Thanks for your advice, I only suffer in the summer due to the pollen, but each year it's getting worse, somehow the fitter I am beforehand the more it floors me!!!


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