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Pred advice


I'm just after some opinions on pred I know it's a question for the doc really, but I haven't got an appointment til next week.

I had an attack last Monday and the doc put me on pred for 5 days and a weeks worth of antibiotics. The doc has since given me a further 5 days pred, with the advice of take 2 more days, stop if you feel better, take the other 3 days if you don't.

My symptoms have eased, but haven't gone, I still have a cough and my peak flow isn't back up to the norm. The pred is messing with my moods and sleep as usual.

I'm trying to decide whether to take the pred in the morning or not. what do you think?

Thanks x

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I'm sorry that you are unwell and I hope you get better soon.

I always take my Prednisolone in the morning.

I hope this helps.

Take care.


I was told by specialist to take prednisone in the morning. X Sue


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