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Am I going mad?

Hey Peeps

I'm 39 years old and have suffered with Asthma my entire life... Drug wise I take Seretide 250 / Alvesgo 160 / Carbocisteine / Azithromycin / Montelukast / Ventolin - I have been under a specialist at the hospital for many years now and a few years ago my asthma was well controlled - but now unfortunately it's not... I have just come out of hospital after my asthma going completely wobbly because of the cold weather (I'm sure a lot are suffering atm)

My asthma nurse at the hospital is putting me intouch with a psychotherapist and apparently this is normal for someone with ""Chronic Asthma"" I wondered if anyone else had been to see a psychotherapist and whether it has helped any???? If this is only used for someone to come to terms with the disease then I think after 39 years of having this I might have come to terms with it by now... Do the hospital think i'm going mad?????

I feel I'm on so many drugs - why isn't my asthma responding????? or is it and i'm just having a bit of bad luck?????

Sorry for the semi rant and questions - would love to hear from you...

Hay x

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Sorry to hear that ur asthma s not in control. I have also been referred to one but havent been for it yet so dont know what she or he will do but was told that this is routine?


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