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Son 16 months steroids

Hi this is the first time posting. Looking for advice for my son. He is on ventolin and clenil inhalers. He had what they thought was bronchilitus last winter and a few hospital admissions for nebuliser and oxygen. He continued wheezing/coughing and in April was referred to a paediatrician. Since his inhalers have kept asthma under control.

He became unwell last weekend and was given steroids 5,4,3,2,1 dose and anti biotics. He stopped these Thursday and Thursday night was really struggling. Saw doctor and given different anti biotics for chest infection and another course of steroids last dose to be taken tomorrow.

The steroids have helped him as they did before my concern if on Tuesday he will go downhill again having stopped the course of treatment. Can anyone advise please?

They are treating him as asthmatic but have told me they can't class his as asthmatic until he's 2.

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Hello - sorry to hear about your little boy. My son (now 17) was diagnosed with asthma at about 14 months although I knew what it was long before then as I am a lifelong asthmatic myself.

I would go back to the doctor tomorrow and ask them to listen to your son's chest.If he still has a chest infection and is struggling he may well need further steroids. I'm afraid it is a matter of persevering with doctors - I often felt I spent more time in our surgery than out of it, but as a parent you know your child the best.

Good luck and I hope things improve for your son.


Hi thank you. Last year was a long winter and took awhile for them to take things seriously that he needed the steroid inhaler. It made such a difference so quickly. He's still wheezy and coughing this morning so think I will ring and get him looked at again. On the upside he's eating and drinking finally! I'm still breast feeding but he wouldn't eat or drink for about a week. Must mean the new anti biotics are helping :)

My work are not being understanding at all but Harry comes first and his health. I did debate having a career break. Did your sons improve? I hear the first 2 winters are the worst x


Hi Julia. My son's asthma comes and goes but despite that he has done very well. He used to have a lot of time off school but attendance has improved over the years. Being older, he knows when he needs more treatment, ie nebuliser/steroids and he s very self aware. Asthma has impacted his life and prevented him from taking part in some sport, but he enjoys lots of other activities. He is going through a bad patch again but is trying a new medicine (Zolair) which we hope will make a difference.

It is harder when they are young - as a parent you have to be their voice and be very vigilent. I am sorry your work is not sympathetic - I hope you have found good childcare.

How did you get on with the doctor today?


The doctor spoke to me on the phone. She said to stop the steroids as planned today, carry on the anti biotics and 2 puffs of clenil and ventolin as required. Time will tell if he's improved. Nervous for tomorrow and hoping he's over the worst. I hope your sons medication starts helping very soon


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