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How to recognize best if it's asthma?

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This post/topic is in breach of our terms and conditions: ""You agree not to post messages to ask for participants for ANY research, be it asthma-related or not: Asthma UK insists on vetting all such requests, and so you should contact them via telephone or e-mail in the first instance"". Please email regarding any research studies involving people with asthma.

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I would say anything that looks nice i am a chemistry student so dont have much imagination other than for designing experiments but something nice looking tea and coffee machines and some sweets and books and maybe some lovely scenery on the walls and definitely no flowers but i like sort of countryside setting its just makes things nice and maybe a fish tank as staring at fish makes people to relax

Hope this helps with your project

And definitely no pictures of medicines nor inhalers or anything of that kind


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